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Pre-purchase Education & Counseling

This program covers every step of the home-buying process from the mortgage application to the key to your new home. Learn how lenders decide whether to give you a mortgage loan, how to get the best interest rates, your rights as a consumer, and down payment assistance programs. Discover strategies for finding the right lender, loan product, and real estate professional. Get guidance on home inspections, what type of insurance is needed, the closing process, and more!

We help you by:

  • Reviewing your current financial & credit situation
  • Identifying the right mortgage product & help you qualify successfully
  • Identifying your housing & property needs
  • Creating a budget to meet your financial goals and sustainable homeownership
  • Assembling additional resources for applying for loans and general home ownership

We ensure that you are well educated on the process, able to make an informed decision concerning your home buying purchase, and stay with you until you’ve closed and moved into your new home.

Let Us Help YOU Become A Homeowner

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