Programs & Services

Our programs and services are designed to address the anxieties that come with unemployment, financial stability, and home ownership. Our goal is to educate and ensure that our clients will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the home buying process with knowledge and confidence.

Pre-purchase Education & Counseling

This program covers every step of the loan application and approval process. Learn how lenders decide whether to give you a mortgage loan, your rights as a loan customer, and strategies for finding the right lender and loan product.

  • Reviewing current financial situation
  • Identifying qualifying mortgage programs
  • Identifying housing and property needs
  • Creating a budget to meet your financial goals and qualify for loans
  • Assembling additional resources for applying for loans and general home ownership
Fair Housing Education & Counseling for Renters, Homeowners & Landowners

We help residents maintain housing stability, an essential key to family well-being. Learn about what actions are illegal and spot warning signs of unlawful transactions. The Fair Housing Program provides the following services to rental tenants, homeowners and landlords:

  • Tenant and landlord mediation
  • Default counseling to homeowners
  • Investigation of discrimination complain
  • Real estate advertisement monitoring
  • Plan reviews for accessibility requirements
  • Referrals and community outreach
Post-Purchase Education & Counseling

This service is designed as a 2-4 hour workshop to give new and current homeowners that are not yet delinquent on their mortgage a general understanding of financial and housing concerns regarding debt, home maintenance, repairs, or refinancing. Our goal is to establish a current, realistic working budget, review any debt, and give them sustainable ways to maintain their homes financially and physically.

This workshop will cover:

  • Budgeting for Homeowner Expenses
  • Developing a Savings Plan
  • Using Credit Wisely
  • Maintaining , Repairing and Improving your home
  • Record Keeping
  • Refinancing
  • How to prevent Foreclosure
Default & Foreclosure Counseling

At MUDI, our housing counselors are trained to assist you in foreclosure prevention and loan modification. They are in contact with the largest mortgage companies on a daily basis, assisting homeowners in communicating with their lenders and in understanding the steps required for an effective resolution.

How It Works:

  1. After a thorough review of your income and expenses, as well as your debt and causes of delinquency, your housing counselor will familiarize you with the various timelines and the different programs for which you may be eligible. Loan modification programs are continually changing, and programs that were in effect yesterday may no longer be available today, so working with an experienced counselor who is up-to date on those changes will help save time.
  2. MUDI’s housing counselors receive ongoing training on internal programs specific to different lenders, as well as on the federal foreclosure assistance programs. These programs include:
    • Making Home Affordable (MHA)
    • Home Affordable Mortgage Program (HAMP)
    • Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program (HAFA)
    • Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP)
    • Cash for Keys
    • Deed for Lease Program
  3. In cases where foreclosure is unavoidable, our counselors will help you organize an effective exit strategy that minimizes the detrimental impact on your future financial outlook. Morningstar is a nonprofit, HUD-approved housing agency and is affiliated with Esperanza.
    • Begin a Foreclosure Prevention Counseling session today by clicking here or call us at 770-492-4037 to schedule an appointment.
Financial Literacy

At MUDI, discover your ability to understand:

  • How money flows in the real world.
  • Money management and investment.
  • Making informed decisions using financial resources.

Our classes are led by an instructor with a computer based curriculum designed for all levels from students to seniors.

Real Estate Services

Morningstar Urban Development also offers Real Estate Services to clients who have successfully completed their Education and Counseling Service and want to enter into the Home Buying process and use one of our in house Real Estate Agents.

*Please note that this is an available service offered to client and is not a pre-requisite or requirement for completing our Home Buyer Education or Counseling with our agency.  Clients may use any provider of their choosing.

Workforce Development & The Direct Hire Project

Our innovative and adaptive approach to achieving a brighter future for residents of Metro Atlanta Counties is through is through these Five Pillars:

  1. To employ a disciplined, dynamic, dedicated and well-trained team of workforce professionals.
  2. To achieve excellence in customer service.
  3. To secure long-term financial success and fiscal integrity.
  4. To maintain a data-driven and performance based system of service.
  5. To create a network of collaboration between public, private, non-profit and education stakeholders.

Services Offered:

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • Job Readiness and Interview Skills Training
  • Business Professional & Computer Skills Development
  • Job Leads and Connections of Job Seekers to Employment
  • Interview Opportunities with Prospective Employers
  • Business Relations Solutions
  • Re-Entry Program for Youths ages 16-24

The Direct Hire Project

  • This is a project that focuses on economic sustainability by finding the unemployed a job and giving the underemployed stackable credentials to gain greater wages. We offer them classes on job sustainability, business etiquette, conflict resolution, financial literacy, credit, and ultimately homeownership and building wealth.