Pre-Purchase Counseling

Pre-Purchase Education and Counseling

Objective: To ensure that clients can demonstrate an understanding of the topics below and to proceed in the home buying process with knowledge and confidence. To help relieve any anxieties that might be present before their process begin.

Our Program consists of a two-part process starting with Homebuyer Education. You will get an intense introduction to the home buying process which helps you determine if you are READY for HomeOWNership. You will be sent an intake package requesting information needed to set you up for the second part, your advising session. During your session, we discuss and address the financial situation that will prepare you for the process and get you into your new home successfully.

Our Pre-purchase Program covers:

  •   Mortgage loan basics
  •   How lenders decide whether to give you a mortgage loan
  •   Calculating how much you can borrow
  •   Affordability and you
  •   Strategies for finding the right lender and loan product
  •   Working with a lender
  •   Your rights as a loan customer
  •   The loan application
  •   The loan approval process
  •   Homeowners Insurance
  •  and much more……

We can proudly say that Morningstar Urban Development “Makes HomeOWNership Happens”!