Home Buyer Education

Homebuyer Orientations

This one hour information tells you why Morningstar should be your FIRST STOP before you begin your Home Buying process.  Learn how our services PREPARE you for the process, PROVIDE all the help you need before seeking out a Realtor & a Loan Officer PROMOTE  you to ” INFORMED BUYER STATUS” and rejoice with you WHEN you buy your home!

Homebuyer  Education Workshops

Homebuyer education workshops are designed as a group workshop to give a general understanding about the home buying process from the benefits of homeownership, budgeting and credit to the loan closing and everything in between. These workshops are generally conducted for one day for an 6- 8 hour period.

Objective: is to give an overview of topics that will give clients factual information and answer basic questions concerning the home buying process while encouraging them to become stakeholders in their community through Homeownership.

This workshop will cover:

  • The benefits of Homeownership
  • Renting  vs. Owning
  • The A B C’s of Credit & Credit Reports
  • Home buying & Financing
  • The Mortgage Process (Application to Closing)
  • Down Payment
  • What to expect/How to choose a Real Estate Professional
  • Home Inspections vs. Appraisals.