Job Readiness & Life Skills Training

JOb Readiness along with Life Skills are essential to the success of juggling a job and everyday life. Especially when wages are not enough. How to handle family, finances and maintain a healthy work environment is enough to contend with all by itself, especially if your wages is not enough to maintain your necessary essentials such housing, food and clothing. Let us show how work through the tough places and keep things moving while making them better!
Our Job Readiness classes Include:

Morningstar Urban Development Inc. shall through and with Guiding Anchor Consulting render and provide the following services that include, but are not limited to:

       I. Résumé Writing & Life Skills Class

  1. Computer Résumé Class
  2. Up to 12 individuals per class no less than 10 – with no less than 6 people in any given class.
  3. (2) Working Résumés Templates
  4. (8) – 2-hour sessions initially twice a week for one month with additional classes to be as needed and/if continual funding is acquired by MUDI to fund the Project.
  5. Clients leave with a working résumé on a jump drive with 2 other template examples

      II. Job Application & Life Skills Class

  1. Present Job Application Profile Basics
  2. Begin the Application
  3. End Session with a completed application and foundation for additional apps

  III. Interviewing and Life Skills Class n:

A. Interviewing Basics to include:

  1. Interview Basics to include
  2.  Top10Answers/Questions
  3.  How to Close and Interview
  4.  Dress for Success

B.  Mock Interview

    IV. The Actual Interview with Identified Employers

These classes can be taken either in a 4 week 2 day a week Sessions or on a individual class bases. These classes are free and open to the public for ages 16 up to 85. YOU MUST be able to read on an eight grad level in order to participate in these classes,